Archynet and TotalConnect now with LINK Mobility

January 31, 2018

The Norwegian company Link Mobility Group Axa, with over 16 years of experience and after acquiring a large number of key companies in the European mobile solutions market, now becomes the leading Italian and European provider of mobile messaging.

With the acquisition of TotalConnect, Link Mobility has acquired all the technology that in twenty years has been developed in Italy, has selected the best of each platform to offer its customers optimal solutions in terms of more advanced technology. With direct connections in all over the world, we are facing an innovative and experienced company that stands out for the Mobile Intelligence (MI) department.

Only numbers count

Let’s take a look at some of the volumes managed by Link Mobility and the data that support its excellence that place it as a reference company in mobile messaging:

– Link Mobility is now present in 14 countries in Europe, with a team of over 270 employees working in different countries.
– It has more than 16,500 active customers, coming from many sectors across Europe. From travel and transport, from real estate and insurance, through media, retail or health care and SMS contests, to name just a few.
– Link Mobility has been listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange since 2013.
– Over 2.5 billion mobile messages delivered in 2017 in over 180 countries.

TotalConnect / Link Mobility

The Italian team learned the news, could not but be thrilled to belong to the leading company in Europe, and can not wait to seize all the opportunities that have opened with the acquisition.

For TotalConnect customers nothing will change, everything will continue to work in exactly the same way, with the utmost commitment, quality and safety that we have always shown in the past. We remain naturally available for our customers at all times.

Always delivering messages is our mission.

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