ChatBot Assistant


Welcome to the ChatBot revolution!

Schedule your ChatBot for any action: assistance, data backup, product selection, search for a store, sending an offer, etc. ChatBot is the most modern and intuitive way to interact with your audience.

How do the bots work?

Users spend 80% of their time with smartphones using just three apps. Bots are included in those apps that your customers use on a daily basis, and you can set them up to do any kind of action.

F.I.: exchange of messages, assistance, saving data, selecting products, finding a store, receiving offers, etc.

With an SMS you invite the user

With an SMS you invite the user to chat. There’s no problem if you don’t have any user to contact. Our database has more than 10 million contacts filtered through age and country. The chatbot will do the rest.

Start a new chat

You can choose the welcome message to give to your users. You can also choose to ask him for additional information such as telephone number or email before starting the conversation!

Users love chats

We usually grab the phone at least 280 times a day, mainly to see the chats and send messages!

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