FAQ – Do you have any doubt?

In this section you can find the most questions about Totalconnect and its functionality.
If you do not find in this list response to a question on its part can direct by contacting our number 800199367


1. How can I send a message?

  • Select “Lists and sending” on the left menu
  • Select the list of contacts to whom you need to the send the message (if you have not created a list yet, see “What is a list?”)
  • Click on the icon related to the sending method, insert the message, arrange it and send it.


2. What is a list?

The list includes your contacts and their data.Once the contacts have been inserted, you will be able to use the list to send your messages.

How to create a list:

  • Select “Lists and sending” on the left menu
  • Click on the button “create list”; you will display a specific area in which you can write the name of the list, the fields you can activate such as “name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail, etc..”These information are necessary to save data related to the contacts. It is important to activate some fields like “mobile phone”, if you want to send messages through sms.


3. Does the credit expire?

Credits are valid for a solar year since the purchase date.


4. How many characters does a message have?

160 is maximum quantity per sms; it is possible to send up to 6 consecutive messages, for a total of 918 characters. In such case, the cost will correspond to 6 text messages.


5. Is there any additional cost, apart from the real cost related to the credit packages?

No, there is no additional or interconnection cost; the cost is exclusively referred to the package purchased.


6. Can I send sms from my application?

Yes, it is possible to use our API HTTP GET o POST, which can be extracted from the documents available on the management panel once registration has been achieved.


7. Can I display a number or a specific abbreviation to the addressee of the message?

Yes, it is possible to customize the sender with a mobile phone number or any name. This option has an additional cost, which is quantified by credits calculated at the sending of the message.


8. How can I make the payment and purchase credit packages?

The data needed to make the transfer will be displayed at the purchase of the package.

There are tre methods of payment:

  • By credit card through Banca Unicredito circuit
  • By Bank transfer
  • Prepaid card (e.g. visa electron card – always 16 figures?) the payment is made as a “credit card”.


9. Should I install a software on my computer?

No, the creation of lists, sending, and the purchase of credits are completely managed on -line. You just have to visit our Totalconnect website and log-in.


10. Can I import my contacts?

Yes, you can import some contacts from external files in “xls”, “txt” or “csv” formats.

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