Landing Page Mobile – Involve your customers

Reach for your customers directly on their smartphone

TotalConnect’s mobile Landing Page service allows you to create in a few steps a mobile-friendly page that you can use for your products or services.

Why a landing page?

A landing page needs few information and a clear, captivating graphic scheme aimed at making your offers much more effective. Web marketing campaign made on a landing page significantly increase both contacts and sales of your site.

Why mobile?

It’s a fact that nowadays more than 70% of web traffic is made through mobile devices. Just a few clicks and you can make a visitor your affectionate customer.

Create a customized landing page in a few steps

Choose among one of our templates. They are already optimized and you can customize them with your images and data. Insert the logo, the preview image, the text of the message and the map. You can also manage the text and shortlink by sending them via SMS or Whatsapp.

Immediate statistics

Once your campaign starts, you can monitor in real time both the stats and the clicks on your landing page, and you can also record the conversions.

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