Resellers – TotalConnect retailer plan

TotalConnect retailer plan has been designed for those companies who need to resell our sending services of text messages, e-mails, fax, mms in a complete and autonomous way; it can also be customized with the use of a personal brand.

The main features of the service for our retailers are the following:

Anonymity guaranteed

Your customers will access sending services for sms, email, fax, mms through a fully customized portal. No reference to TotalConnect will be included.


Graphic personalization

Your retailer portal will be completely customized in its graphic layout. Thanks to our APIs, their easy use and versatility, you can create your html pages in an autonomous way. They can be interfaced in order to customize the following areas:

  • Portal Home Page
  • Page including description of functions
  • Customer care page
  • Faq page


The activation of the service occurs once you have registered to our website. It is a matter of few minutes.


Customizing of contents

Information included in the portal and those used for automatic communication by e-mail, sms with your customers can be completely customized.

You can specify:

  • E-mail addresses used for communication with customers
  • Name of the Service
  • Name of the Retailer company
  • Payment details used in the summary e-mail of the order

Customizing prices

In terms of retailers, you can formulate your prices for different packages of sms, e-mail, fax, mms, as well as define their validity. Furthermore, you can specify the resale prices of sms products, e-mail, fax, mms. Purchase prices of sms packages and products to be resold are extracted from a price list only for retailers.


Easy to manage

Thanks to a specific function included in the control panel, you can manage your sub-accounts in a completely autonomous way. In particular, you can:

  • See those users who simply registered to the service
  • See those users with an activated sms credit
  • Activate users by authorizing them to use sms packages or purchased products


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