Send SMS

Send SMS from internet is now a good opportunity for a direct, cost-effective and high quality communication, thanks to our Gateway sms directly connected to Italian Mobile Phone Companies. We are currently using TCP/IP, HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Why use TotalConnect

It is suitable for

  • Promoting special evenings in clubs and discotheques
  • Managing deadlines, anniversaries or special dates by timed sms
  • Contacting agents and employees
  • Managing relationships with customers
  • Promote a product, an activity or a brand.

Facilities of payment

After activation of the service, the customer can simply top-up services required by credit card or bank transfer.An appropriate form allows you to select the quantity needed and the related price to facilitate purchase processes.


The system is based on security levels which guarantee the non-accessibility to control panel by non-authorized users. In fact, you should have a username and password; these can be modified by the customer; for those customers using T.C platform through different assigned people, the possibility of activating personalized codes and password is expected.

Connect Features (SMS sending method)

  • Collective sending of sms in an automatic, simple and fast way
  • You can send sms to operators with 100% guarantee
  • Simple configuration: the software can automatically upload all data need to send messages
  • Management of infinite lists for sending multiple sms
  • Customizing of the addressee with both text and numbers (even with introduction of a valid telephone number)
  • Possibility to import and export data in a simple ways through.txt .xls and csv files.
  • Possibility to plan and time sms sending
  • Management of the automatic sms sending for deadlines and anniversaries
  • Creation of a free form to get a personal profile (registered to Total Connect)
  • Statistics of messages sent by : Date, hour, subject

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