SMS Authorities

The direct contact is essential for those who work in the social field and, of course with people.
Our platform allows you to send sms in a fast and easy way.
A very simple and useful system, which perfectly meets the need to send short messages to a wide, medium or small group of people.


Totalconnect is the ideal tool for the following services:

  • You can send sms directly from your software.
  • Filing of phone numbers and sending of personalized news or specific messages.
  • You can send notice to associated about news and events.
  • Memos on Association’s meetings.
  • Notice related to deadlines of registrations.
  • Management of meetings, events with real-time surveys via sms.

Private and Public Bodies can:

  • Integrate the service with the possible software already available.
  • File phone numbers and send personalized news or specific messages.
  • Inform people about new events.
  • Communicate news in a fast way.
  • Communicate the presence of new regulations.

Public authorities can:

  • Send real-time sms related to deadlines, events, useful information, state of the roads, etc.


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