SMS for Discotheques, Circles And Clubs

The typical promotional tools (invitations and flyers) are very expensive and they do not often reach the target. On the contrary, TotalConnect has innovative tools at low prices, such as sms sending.Sms are received at nearly 100%.All young people can bring their mobile phones with them, thus sms is the best means of communication.

How to use SMS

Sms can be used to invite people to special events in a personalized way.
TotalConnect allows you to send sms with discounted entrance tickets, free entrance for women, free drink, etc. You can ask for these just by showing your sms at the entrance.

Each P.R can have a personal password which allows him to exclusively access his database, in accordance with Privacy and Protection of his own database.
Commercial directions of clubs/discotheques can purchase packages of sms at lower prices and transfer sms credits on P.Rs ‘s accounts.

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