SMS for Gyms Fitness Clubs and Wellness Centers

TotalConnect is the ideal tool for Gyms, Fitness Clubs and Wellness Centers that want to interact directly, easily and quickly with their customers, avoiding wasting time and money for printing and distribution of flyers and posters.
Dialogue via SMS with your customers to invite them to evenings, inaugurations and offer them discounts and personalized promotions.

Do you work with PR? Each of them can have a password to access their personal database and manage contacts directly from the platform.

How to use it

  • Send invitations to inaugurations and evenings
  • Send invitations to a selected target for exclusive events
  • Send discount codes or tribute for women’s entry
  • Send codes or text to offer complimentary discounts


  • Customizable and guaranteed Sender and message header
  • Receive immediate feedback
  • Monitor and archive on a web platform
  • Lowest price on the market

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