SMS for Health Services

Send sms to alert and book healthcare visits

Our sms service can be used by health bodies; it allows to make it easier and accelerate communications between users and health service.
For example, think about general practitioners/family doctors: the citizen can ask for booking examinations, planning of blood analysis, sending of results via e-mail. Everything would be carried out with no changes (and commitment by the health centre), unless it is related to the execution of the examination.

Automated booking of examinations for hospitals and laboratories

The user (or the general practitioner) asks for booking examinations or planning of blood analysis.
The main advantages are as follows:.

Examinations are sent to the general practitioner through files with protected password.

The private user goes to the general practitioner who will open and print the results; these results will be readable by using the password of the mobile phone.

A huge save of time is possible in the use of administrative staff; furthermore, a lower quantity of paper documents will be managed (print, file, transmit, save); a reduction of mistakes and organizational inefficiency will be possible.

It can be also used by Hospital Bodies; in fact, the system makes it easier communication between the body and its members, with staff available; it improves the booking system by reducing time and staff involved, as well as automating different operational activites; finally, it reduces the quantity of paper documents to be managed (print, file, transmit, save), and any possible mistake.

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