SMS for Insurance Companies

Send SMS upon expiration of insurance policies and inform your customers. Totalconnect allows you to send alert sms or useful reminders for services provided by Insurance companies.

By using our sms services, you can remind your customers of the expiry of an insurance policy. Thanks to Sms notice service, you can know date, hour, minute and second of the sms delivered to the addressee. An advanced tool, which manages deadlines and special events ,will allow you to manage your customers’ portfolio in an autonomous and simple way.

The header of the sms can be customized by inserting the sender’s phone number (e.g. 3380000000 o alphanumeric code (e.g. the name of your Insurance company) up to 11 alphanumeric characters or 16 numeric characters (e.g. a mobile phone number which you can reply to). Replies can be displayed on you account, directly on the Internet.

Each sms has a lower price than that applied by Mobile Phone Operators.

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