SMS for Retails and Shopping Centres

After creating a file which includes customers data, each sales point in the shopping centre will be able to make any kind of communication:promotions and special offers, advertising sms, information about new products, marketing actions, invitations to special events, wishes without facing any typical time or costs related to traditional communication such as press, postal charges, etc.

Services for Retails and Shopping Centres

Our system allows you to have an advanced sms device within your account: each sales point will be able to send advertising sms to their customers by using different methods according to the addressees; alternatively, the company owning the sales point will be able to send sms to those customers related to a single sales point; it can also unify the sms for customers of more sales points.

As a result, your database can be supplied with customers who accepted to receive sms or promotions from your sales point. If you need to create a further profile for your customers, you should be careful about privacy, with the subsequent need to give benefits in exchange for data, update the database, have a dedicated call-center.

How to create a Customer database

To collect mobile phone numbers and e-mails related to your customers and carry out marketing activities through our system, each customer will have a sim number, which can be advertised in the aim of receiving sms from those customers eager to receive your offers.

Your account on Totalconnect will include what mentioned before, also including the complete management of file.

Sales point, when giving the fidelity card for free, make customers fill in a form, which includes a specific space for personal data; here, consent to the treatment of personal data will be clearly shown, in accordance with the Privacy law; as a result, it will be very easy to create profiles for your customers directly on the control panel; you can also make targeted campaigns and activate timed sms for anniversaries, deadlines, and so on.

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