SMS for websites webmasters and software house

Web sites & Webmasters/thirdy parts

The platform Totalconnect allows you to send SMS from the internet quickly and easily with various tariff plans, low-cost price directly from your website.

  • Customizing the portal and restricted areas with your logo and brand
  • Submissions mass (bulk sms) to send notices, confirmations, registrations
  • Ads request services (technical assistance, alert, reservations, etc.)
  • Alerting services for interruptions, deadlines, anniversaries, etc..
  • Implementing HTTP, XML, JAVA, PHP, MySQL for Linux or Windows.
  • Provide free services customized information with lists of interest
  • Allow to send sms free internet sponsored by your site or for a fee with our professional service
  • with the sale of our sms.

Totalconnect enables software companies to integrate their software systems to send SMS for your customers to have notifications or automated submissions. In order to facilitate the relationship between the delivery systems and your customers, Totalconnect allows the software to create infinite custom accounts for their customers, while also leaving resell our services sms.

  • Independence of the customer on the purchase of SMS packages from the software vendor without any loss of profit resulting from any mark-ups on the sale price of rad SMS
  • Independence of the software house from the problem of sending totalconnect that are managed directly from the technical point of view
  • Ability to give the customer a ‘turnkey’ to send also messaggistiche business without additional software
  • Support Online directly on any problem related to SMS
  • Ability for the customer to control the states of sending text messages

Linux, Windows, Mac, IBM, Sun We do not mind the platform. Systems Info-Me-Sms hybrid systems are developed because we think they are to reap the benefits of each platform. This allows us to help you integrate existing services and software on any system.

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