SMS Marketing

Acquire new customers with our 14 million personal database.

IT and Mobile marketing services allow you to send sms directly from a Web server, which is exclusive for addressees GSM phones. Everything with no structural or management cost. Sms directly reach mobile phones. Services also include, upon request, preparation of texts and logos (Text and Logos Services), as well as the planned sending and planning of Mobile Marketing campaigns. Through connection with Italian and International GMS suppliers, we manage configuration and services thanks to our System Management Server. Sending reports (statistics) are also included, as well as return receipts.

Sms, which are considered as means of mass communication, represent the most powerful and efficient system for marketing. With a free registration to our service, you can purchase a sms package; as a result, you can manage your sms in an autonomous way from a dedicated control panel. Discover all features available in your account!

Create SMS marketing campaigns and Send 1 million text messages per hour to a profiled target.

You can profile the target of your campaigns in detail, segmenting the audience according to socio-demographic variables and interests. Delivery times are very fast, over 1 million text messages per hour, and guaranteed opening. For SMS campaigns, the display percentage is on average over 95%.


  • Low prices
  • Immediateness
  • Customized sms
  • Sender setting
  • Quick reply
  • Reliability


Thanks to multiple sending of professional sms, you can inform addressees about news and products in a quick way. Low prices and other benefits are the strong points of sms marketing.

We also have specific solutions for:

  • Hotels: promotions on discounts and promotional initiatives.
  • Clubs-Discoteques/Cinemas-Theatres: you can inform about special events in a fast way
  • Travel agencies: promotions and last-minute offers via sms.
  • Shopping centres and outlets: sms on promotions and discounts, fidelity cards and launch of new products

Analysis and reporting

Total Connect has a control panel from which you can view at any time how many potential customers you can reach with an SMS campaign. After sending you can access the report and check the progress of the campaign, the receipt of the message and the responses received with incoming SMS in the case of 2way campaigns that require a response from the user.

They have already chosen us

Numerous national and international brands have already successfully used our sms Advertising service, including: Dietorelle, Granarolo, Nike, Muller, Tim il Telefonino, Moulinex, Beghelli, Renault, Campari, Cepu, Perugina, Europcar, Biesse, Carrefour, Crai, Unieuro.

Status Total Total %
Positive notifications 44719 99.57%
Negative notifications 194 0.43%
Unsubscribe 2 0.00%
2way reply 16 0.04%
Click 4.522 10.11%

10 million contacts database

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