SMS & Web Contests

Management software competitions via sms and e-mail

Our systems and our interactive platforms showed amazing results compared to traditional channels such as. toll-free numbers. The voice telephone channels are unlikely to handle large traffic spikes because the scope is related to the number of resources (workstations, training of personnel, dedicated software and hardware) resources that require large investments.

The speed of interaction, and the ability to profile the customer with traditional instruments is affected by the percentage of error physiological human operators.

Through our dedicated platforms is not possible to support peak traffic almost unlimited, the expenses are only those of consumption, thus avoiding investments uncalibrated, monitoring occurs in real time (statistics and results) in this way you can always step in and calibrate the intervention of promotional campaigns.
The automatism allows also to involve large amounts of users with interactive services such as SMS, Chat, Forum, Newsletter etc

Our platform allows you to manage Sweepstakes telephone, Internet, and SMS simultaneously on multiple channels.

Save and extract

Through our reception service, you can store all the phone numbers and send text to a specific number assigned to you and, depending on the mode selected, extract the contestants.

Payout live or delayed

E ‘can also communicate in an immediate win for the outcome of the direct extraction or by checking code or picking winning numbers and proceed at a later time or parameterized random draw.

Extraction Techniques

The techniques of extraction can take place via simple randomness randomiche between a sample of numbers or with the aid of complex algorithms.
Into Among these, by way of example:

  • Processing algorithm through a text message sent in (computing)
  • Verifying text comparison database (codes winning)
  • Random on the number of messages received (random extract)
  • Moment winning

Legislation and regulations

Totalconnect provides advice and / or support legislation for the implementation of the competition and for extractions.

With our Know How and our gateways we have contributed to the realization of the most important SMS competitions since 2005

Mulino Bianco, Pan di Stelle, Ringo, Erbolario, Peroni , Q8, Parmareggio, L’Oreal, Lavazza , Casa Modena (Giravolte) Tre Marie, Algida and many more.

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