One platform for managing out-bound text messages, in order to monitor all actions by means of a single control panel.


Simple controls are used; operations to be carried out are very few and fast


You can decide whether to take an action without the support by external operators. Just a few clicks of the mouse.


24h/24 availability to manage all actions.


Costs for reaching the user is very low. The tools used have the lowest CPC (cost per contact) of all advertising tools.


Sending will be a very quick action.


text messages are delivered to selected addresses in a very short time


When a user receives a sms, an e-mail or a fax, he will hardily cancel the content before reading it. As a result, the percentage of delivery is practically equal to 100%.


We can create a specific index for managing users, by interfacing existing files and inserting new contacts.

Exchange of data

Immediate Import and Export of record to Exchange data among database. Totalconnect can be interfaced with programs for Pc e Mac.

High profiles for targets

T.C. allows to create specific profiles for each account with customized data.

Quick change of data

Easy and immediate change of data related to each name and quick movements of profiles from one list to another.


We can display users on the basis of standard methods (e.g. the town they live in), or create different lists to reach users according to their classification methods. This aims at making the identification of micro-target more immediate.


We select from a list of users the target addressees to be reached . We plan the sms to be sent, we select addresses and we finally send them the message.


Each sending action is duly filed. At any time you can display the data file to study and implement new strategies. It is also possible to extract and print data.

Multiple sending

You can simultaneously send the same message to more addresses by simply selecting them according to different methods.

Postponed sending

You can plan the delivery of messages. You can select messages and addresses, and then the delivery date. Totalconnect will automatically send the message according to the previous instructions given.


A text message can be used as a paper discount, a credit for an entrance, etc.

Respect for privacy

Users registered have previously filled in an appropriate form. As a result, the message will not be annoying; it will represent a recognized and accepted service.


The system is based on security levels which guarantee the non-accessibility to control panel by non-authorized users. In fact, you should have a username and password; these can be modified by the customer; for those customers using T.C platform through different assigned people, the possibility of activating personalized codes and password is expected.

Facilities of payment

After activation of the service, the customer can simply top-up services required by credit card or bank transfer.An appropriate form allows you to select the quantity needed and the related price to facilitate purchase processes.


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