Why TotalConnect?

Develop your business

TotalConnect is a new marketing service available to everyone: thanks to direct and immediate tools you can send text messages, faxes and e-mails by internet.

Our users have an innovative software to communicate in a simple and fast way by sending text messages, e-mails, newsletter and faxes; this software allows to meet the expected targets in a very short time, with results guaranteed.

Total connect allows a strong interaction between the sender and the addressees of text messages sent, such as advertising, promotions or information under the form of multiple sending. Total Connect is an innovative tool thanks to its effective capability of spreading information to users Easy to use, it allows to launch marketing and informative campaigns in real time by gradually selecting the target area to be contacted with fast and easy operations. The addressees are contacted in a customized way.

Thanks to safe and prompt tools such as gateways sms or smsc server provided by TotalConnect, any message is reached immediately and safely. TotalConnect is addressed to a market which needs directive and innovative marketing solutions.

In particular, it is designed for:

  • Quick and simple communication
  • Meeting the need to select users from a personal database to whom send campaign by text messages, e-mail and faxes.
  • Those who need to contact, by means of the same message (text message, e-mail, faxes) more people in a simultaneous way (multiple sending).
  • Those who need to file marketing tools, in order to analyze them through statistics.

TotalConnect is the only one-to one marketing platform for sending text messages and DEM e-mails. Create now your account, you will get 10 free text messages to test our potentiality!

Activate your account and take advantage of 10 free SMS to test our potential!!


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